Youth Section

Considering that we live and work at a time when young workers are usually employed for a definite time and when their labor rights are too often not respected in practice, young people in the labour market, more than others, face many obstacles. Youth unemployment rate in Bosnia and Herzegovina has for years recorded extremely high numbers and is far higher than the rate of other groups. Unfortunately, to be young and educated hasn’t been an advantage in the labour market since many years.

Understanding the specific needs of young workers and the desire to provide to this group of workers adequate space and treatment within the trade union family, CITU BiH founded in 2002 the Youth Section that operates under the name Section of Active Trade Union Youth (SATUY CITUBiH). All working men and women up to 35 years of age can become members of SATUY CITUBiH.

Main goals of SATUY CITUBiH are:

•    Protection of youth rights and interests;
•    Education and training of young people for a successful operation and functioning of trade unions;
•    Fight for the consistent implementation of the special protection of young people at work;
•    Creating conditions for faster employment of young people;
•    Ensuring effective social and health care for young people;
•    Organization of cultural, sport and other activities for young people;
•    Combat all forms of discrimination against young people;
•    Encouraging young people to join unions and participate in activities and work of the union,
•    Promotion of building a culture of peace and dialogue.

The supreme body of SATUY CITUBiH is the Assembly, which is held every four years and at which President of the Sections and Coordination Committee consisting of seven members are elected.

Ibrahim Muharemović (SSOOiO FBiH)

Members of Coordinating Committee:
Ibrahim Muharemović (SSOOiO FBiH,
Jasmina Filipović-Maksić (SŽFBiH,
Avdo Kadić (SGIGM BiH,
Edin Smajić (SSOOiO FBiH,
Džino Nermin (SUFBIH,
Emir Đinić (SSRKP FBiH,