About us

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina is voluntary and interest organization of workers who are organized through branch trade unions- affiliates of the CITU BiH from the Bosnia and Herzegovina. CITU BiH and trade unions organized within are democratic, multiethnic, multinational and independent of the government, employers, political parties and religious communities.

CITU BiH is the legal successor of the General Workers Council of BiH established on 27. August 1905. and of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has changed its name to the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of BiH at its congress held on 30.03-01.04.1990.

In accordance with the Labour Law of the Federation BiH, Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Policy issued a Decision No. I 03-34/13-15/15 of 28.09.2015. on representativeness of the CITU BiH in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina is comprised of 24 branch unions. At the same time there are 7 Cantonal Boards of CITU BiH, operating in the nine cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Women's Forum and Youth Section act within the Confederation.

CITU BiH is recognized as a relevant social partner of the Federal Government and the Association of Employers of the Federation BiH and participates in the work of the Economic and Social Council for the territory of the Federation, which is responsible:

– To monitor, review and evaluate the impact of economic and social policies and measures of economic and social policy on development and social stability;

– To examine, promote the conclusion and evaluate the application of collective agreements and in this regard shall provide information and explanations to the competent ministry;

– To encourage the peaceful resolution of collective labour disputes;

– To propose to the Government, employers and unions conduction of coordinated pricing and wages policy;

– To encourage the idea of tripartite, bipartite and other forms of social dialogue at all levels in addressing the economic and social issues and problems;

– To monitor, review and propose possible changes in the law affecting economic and social development and in this context the position of workers and employers;

– to discuss draft laws, by-laws, programs and other documents in the scope of their work and their opinions on the documents submitted to the Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina;

– To monitor the application of the law and the exercise of labour rights and social security and propose measures for implementation and improvement of these rights to the competent authorities and institutions;

– to deal with problems of implementation of the privatization process and propose to the competent institutions any changes of laws and by-laws that would contribute to greater financial effects and employment;

– to monitor the situation in the area of employment, pension – disability and health insurance and in this context take actions to reduce grey market labour;

– To stimulate activities for greater efficiency of relevant institutions of the system to prevent corruption, in order to transform it into a high risk and low profit activity.

Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of BiH, together with the Association of Trade Unions of the Republic of Serbian and the Trade Union of Brčko District, founded the Confederation of Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005, which is a full member of the International Trade Union Confederation, and has observer status in the European Trade Union Confederation. CITU BiH’s affiliates are full members of relevant International and European confederations and federations of branch unions.