Cantonal Boards

Due to the principles of organization of BiH, and especially of the Federation of BiH, and the fact that many areas are, partially or completely, regulated at that level (education, police, health, public utilities…) there are 7 Cantonal Boards within the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of BiH that cover 9 cantons.

Cantonal Boards of CITU BiH:

–  Represent and solve common interests of the member of the Confederation;
–  Ensure the implementation of the Statute, the Program of work and decisions of the Confederation at the cantonal or regional level;
– Solve the common problems of affiliates within the scope of CITU BIH activities at the level of canton or region;
– Adopt the annual program and plan their work;
– Make decisions and conclusions on the execution of assigned duties;
– Perform social dialogue with employers and governments and institutions cantons or regions of the activities of the Union;
– Take measures pressure and strike at the canton or region in accordance with the Statutes, regulations and decisions nadležanih bodies of the Union;
– Monitor the work and cooperate with the local union office of the Union;
– Adopt its rules of procedure;
– Perform other duties as the jurisdiction provide authorities and President of the Association.

In SSSBiH there are:

1. Cantonal Board of Canton Sarajevo
President Franjo Rener
Address: Alipašina 19, Sarajevo
Tel / fax 033/21 34 80

2. Cantonal Board of the Zenica-Doboj Canton (acts also on the territory of Canton Srednja Bosna)
President Mirnes Isaković
Address: Fra Ivana Jukića 1, Zenica
Tel / fax 032/40 90 32

3. Cantonal Board of Tuzla Canton
President: Fahrudin Šahović
Address: Theatre 2, Tuzla
Tel / fax 035/27 33 15

4. Cantonal Board of the Una-Sana Canton (acts also on the territory of the Canton 10)
President: Mohammad Mahmoudi
Address: Ferhat paše Sokolovića L3 / III, Ozimice 1, Bihać
Tel / fax 037/22 20 52

5. Cantonal Board of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton
President: Husejin Špago
Address: Salke Šestića 2, Mostar
Tel / fax 036/55 28 98

6. Cantonal Board of Bosnia-Podrinje Canton Goražde
President: Elmir Pilav
Tel / fax 038/22 03 81

7. Cantonal Board of Posavina Canton
President: Berislav Živković
Adrress: Jug I-zaobilaznica, Orašje
Tel / fax 031 71 41 12