The Objectives and Activities

Recognizing and accepting the importance of the role of trade unions in the development of democratic society and the need for active participation in the process of making important decisions, CITU BiH advocates and promotes the necessity of trade union activities in all areas of socio-political life of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in those whose effects are reflected on workers.

The goals and activities of the CITU BiH are focused on:

– Lawful relationship in all areas of life and work and creation legal and economic conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina which will enable higher employment and adequate labour costs;
– Exercise of labour and social rights of union membership within affiliates of the CITU BiH;
– Development of democratic processes and building a legal and social state, with equal opportunities and rights for all;
– Realization of peace and freedom on the principles of inter-freedom and respect;
– support the fulfilment of the conditions for inclusion of Bosnia and Herzegovina into Euro-Atlantic integration;
– The fight against all forms of corruption;
– Development of the social market economy and fight poverty;
– Faster economic renewal and increase of employment;
– Quickly and legality of the privatization process in a transparent and equitable manner;
– construction of a unified strategy for collective bargaining, signing and consistent application of the General Collective Agreement, as well as the collective agreements of the member organizations;
– initiate upgrades, adoption and implementation of legislation that provides economic and social protection and security members, development and realization of the solidarity of its members;
– Policy of equal status of women and their increased involvement in the bodies of trade unions and higher enrolment and education of young people in trade union activities;
– Regulation of relations in the development and strengthening of the international trade union cooperation and involvement in European and international trade union movement on an equal footing with other members;
– Regulation of relations in connection with organizing and providing legal protection for union members of the Confederation;
– Regulation of relations concerning the organization and functioning of the Trade union school for members of the Confederation;
– Consistent implementation of ILO conventions ratified by Bosnia and Herzegovina;
– Regulation of legal relations and the rational management, use and protection the common union property;
– Association, merger and unification of trade unions in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
– The integration and realization of common interests and activities in the conduct of tripartite negotiations and the conclusion of the General Collective Agreement and the determination of the minimum wage;
– encouraging the development and implementation of health care, education and social policy;
– Development and realization of the market economy and the achievement of an impact on the legal implementation of the privatization process;
– Exercise of influence on the enactment of legislation of importance for work, economic and social security of the rank member of the Confederation;
– labour-law protection of trade union membership and organization of the service for free legal assistance in the protection of workers’ rights;
– Organization of trade union schools and education of the membership of the Confederation;
– Development and realization of inter-union cooperation in the country and international trade union cooperation.

CITU BiH promotes the values of human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights. We struggle for a pluralistic society that is tolerant and applies the principles of social justice, solidarity and non-discrimination.