Women’s Forum

Women’s Forum of CITU BiH is the action form within the Confederation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina which is committed to the equality of women and men in all spheres of social life and the realization and protection of women labour rights at national, regional and international levels. It was founded in 2002 with the aim to raise awareness among female workers about the importance of the union membership and the protection of their rights in the workplace.

Women's Forum focuses its activities primarily on the promotion of the importance of protecting the rights of women, particularly motherhood, their struggle against all forms of discrimination and mobbing, as well as improving the economic and social position of women. For this purpose, it organizes educational meetings, seminars, conferences and round tables.

The supreme body of the CITU BiH’s Women's Forum is the Assembly, which is held every four years and at which President of the Forum and the Executive Committee of the Forum, which has eight members are elected.

Gospa Paripović (SSŠPDP BiH)

Members of Executive Board:
Mirjana Sesar (SHT Mostar, mirjana.sesar@hteronet.ba)
Senka Vejzović (SŽFBiH, senka.vejzović@)
Lejla Drnda (SSRKP FBiH, lejla.drnda@viksa.ba)
Besima Ahmetspahić (SSRRUFBiH, besimaahm@gmail.com)
Jasmina Hadžić (SGIGM BIH, @ )
Suada Karić (SSVOONK BiH, suadakaric2@gmail.com)